Setting up Shop

Last week was mostly spent setting up the shop. My A/V company has some extra warehouse space so after moving various pallets of amps, speakers, theatrical lighting, we found a nice corner for the project.


We aren’t swimming in money, but we do like the safety and efficiency of a hydraulic lift. It made sense with the amount of fabricating that needs to be done top and bottom, in addition to the typical restoration work.

To save $400 in freight, I opted to pick it up in Los Angeles. Using my short-bed Tundra only half of it hung past the tailgate so wheelies were enjoyed in rush hour traffic on the 405.


Once the lift was setup, we finally got to get a good look under the car. We found various rust repairs that appear to have been performed in decade intervals. I was surprised not to see any duct tape.

This is going to be more fun than we thought!

Finally, we printed out and posted a reminder of the goal on the wall. When we find ourselves elbow-deep in rust, welders, batteries and wires we may risk losing sight of the dream. I assume that a poster will be all it takes to get us back on track :)

Keep Going.jpeg

Until next time,


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